The Swim Experience

Pools, Lidos, Coastlines, Rivers, Lochs and Lakes. There are so many breath-taking locations on our doorstep for you to enjoy. At The Swim Experience we facilitate the opportunity to gain more confidence so you can take your swimming wherever you please…

The opportunities that you can take part in at The Swim Experience range from beginner & intermediate masterclasses, guided wild swims, professional coaching for events, triathlons or if you just want to improve. Dan and his team have several years of experience competing, coaching and working within the swimming industry that will allow you to transform your swimming journey. Whether you want to improve your swimming technique, or gain more open water swimming experience, we will make sure you do so with a smile on your face and a skip in your stroke…

How to Take Part

To find out what services are available at this time and where things are running get in touch here.

Key Benefits

  • Guided Wild Swims
  • Open Water Masterclasses
  • Olympic Led Sessions

Are You Coming In?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your Masterclasses and Wild Swims take place?

We have regular locations in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Loch Lomond, Surrey and London. Each location has its own unique beauty and scenery and each one is safe and accessible.

Will I need my own equipment?

It is advised that you have your own goggles, swim caps and wetsuits for your sessions. If you do not yet have your own equipment and would like advice on what products are best for you then please get in touch.

Guided Swims

“I was half way through competing in an elite race at Loch Lomond, I stopped for a minute to take in the scenery and appreciate my surroundings. Whilst I certainly did not win this race and I certainly wouldn’t advise stopping in the middle of a professional race, what I would say is that everyone should have the opportunity to experience outdoor swimming in places like this.” Dan Wallace OLY.

Our guided wild swims give you the opportunity to explore the waters safely and professionally. A day of swimming, island hopping, exploring, learning, eating and meeting extraordinary people. Did I mentioned the sundowner drinks around the fire?


Have you every wanted to try wild swimming, gain more experience or just gain more confidence in the open water. We have a range of masterclasses’ for all ages and abilities that will help you improve in the areas you feel that you need most. Some specific skills that we teach are as simple as; the correct wetsuit etiquette, using toe floats and safety equipment. Others are things such as pack swimming, drafting, sighting, buoy turns, race starts and finishes. You will leave your session with a whole new understanding of open water skills and be far more confident than when you arrived. 


With over 15 years experience in competitive and professional swimming it would be a shame not to put his experience to use. Dan himself offers private coaching to clients that are looking for expert advice on their technique, racing, skills and general swimming improvement. 

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