The Champions Experience

Our School Program is a fantastic opportunity for your pupils to add a brand new element of learning to their education. By working with Dan and his team to unlock their ‘winning mindset’ they will all have the chance to take on new and exciting challenges…

Our workshops as part of The Champions Experience are a fantastic, innovative way of learning. Some of the most mentally strong individuals on the planet come from a sporting background. We bring in athletes and Olympians to pass on their phycological skills gained from sport, directly to your pupils. By understanding that if you can develop your own winning mindset and apply it to whatever area of your life you wish, you can achieve whatever goals you set yourself. Some of our workshop themes include: the Power of Self Belief, Becoming a Leader, Leaving a Legacy and Performing Under Pressure to name a few. All of these skills are 100% transferrable to the everyday life of your pupils. 

How to Take Part

If you are interested in bringing The Swim Experience to your school then please get in touch. We cant wait to hear from you.

Key Benefits

  • Interactive & Fun Classroom Workshops
  • Working with Olympians
  • Sporting Opportunities

The Champions Experience, the new standard of co-curricular activity.


Everyone Can Be a Champion

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will Be Running The Workshops?

Alongside Dan Wallace who is our main mentor and founder, we will be bringing along guest speakers throughout your workshops. Guests include athletes that have competed in the Olympic Games, professional rugby, tennis and football. We also have involvement by members of the Royal Navy who all have exceptional experience on the topics we cover during the sessions.

Are The Workshops All Classroom Based?

Not entirely. Whilst most workshops will be classroom based there will be several elements that will involve some physical activities, either in the classroom or possibly even in the pool and elsewhere…

Classroom Workshops

Our Classroom Workshops are designed to be fun, innovative and creative. This is an opportunity for you to find out a but more about yourself. What your strengths are, what you would like to work on and what you are passionate about. 

School Swimming

Alongside our interactive School Workshops we work with Schools that have the facilities and demand to improve their swimming opportunities for their pupils. This ranges from indoor swimming pathways throughout primary and secondary school as part of their P.E curriculum, outdoor swimming sessions for pupils that are interested and school swimming events for all ages and abilities. 

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