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How It Works

Program Overview

Our Business Program is a fantastic opportunity to professionally try a new and exciting activity whilst improving your focus and productivity. Working alongside one another to overcome challenges and set new team and business goals. 

Our Business Program is ran across two full days and consists of four motivational workshops alongside four indoor and outdoor swimming opportunities.  This high quality experience offers a chance to partake in new swimming activities that challenge you both physically and mentally. Whilst also giving you and your team an unrivalled event to increase your individual, business and team skills. Our swimming sessions are high quality, safe and exciting, with an added opportunity to put your skills to the test in an Open Water Event. Our motivational workshops are extremely innovative, creative and give you the opportunity to work on your productivity and to leave feeling focused and inspired. 

How to Take Part

If you are interested in bringing The Swim Experience to your business then please get in touch. Each business will receive an individual course that fits around your companies needs, objectives and schedule. We cant wait to hear from you.

Key Benefits

  • Innovative Workshops
  • Work with Olympians and Guest Speakers
  • Experience Wild Swimming

The Swim Experience is a swimming opportunity like no other.

Be a part of something New, Exciting and Innovative. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Have Never Tried Open Water Swimming Before?

Our Outdoor Swimming opportunity is designed to facilitate a safe and controlled Open Water Swimming Experience whatever your Open Water history. These sessions are ran with qualified professionals and are tailored to your abilities and needs.

Will I Need My Own Wetsuit?

We have a range of wetsuits on offer at an additional cost that we can supply you with. If you do you have your own wetsuit then please bring this along with you.

Tell Me More About The Open Water Event Oppertunity

As more and more open water events are popping up in the UK we would like to help increase the number of participants. Each individual taking part in The Swim Experience will have the option to be entered into an Official Open Water Event here in the UK. Lets put your new skills to the test…


Our motivational Workshops are designed to be Interactive, Innovative and Creative. This is an opportunity for you to find out a but more about yourself and your team. What your strengths are, what you need to work on and what you are passionate about. Some of the topics we will work on and discuss are Leadership, Teamwork, Motivation, Goal Setting and more.

Outdoor Swimming

Our Outdoor Swimming experience is filled with quality and excitement. The opportunity to try and take part in Open Water Swimming alongside Olympians and your colleagues is something very special . This course will focus on Open Water Safety, Wild Swimming Confidence and develop new Open Water Swimming Skills. These activities will include Pack Swimming, Open Water Sighting and Open Water Racing. 

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