The Business Experience

The Business Experience is a fantastic new twist on your next work day out. We expertly combine wild swimming elements along with motivational and team building workshops. Swap your ‘work suit’ for your ‘wetsuit’. 

Our Business Experience is a bespoke program tailored to your group, that combines challenging yourself in the open water and training your mindset in our motivational workshops. We bring in experts from fields such as professional sport, business, the armed forces and health & wellbeing. Our workshops are aimed at giving you the opportunity to learn from extraordinary people and learn how you can apply the same winning mindset to your career and your business. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried wild swimming, Dan and his team will get you up to speed.


How to Take Part

If you are interested in bringing The Swim Experience to your business then please get in touch. Each business will receive an individual course that fits around your companies needs, objectives and schedule. We cant wait to hear from you.

Key Benefits

  • Professional Workshops
  • Work with Olympians and Guest Speakers
  • Experience Wild Swimming

The Swim Experience is a work day out like no other.

Be a part of something rewarding, productive and exciting. 

Live Like a Champion

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Have Never Tried Open Water Swimming Before?

Our outdoor swimming opportunity is designed to facilitate a safe and controlled open water swimming experience whatever your open water history. These sessions are ran with qualified professionals and are tailored to your abilities and needs.

Will I Need My Own Wetsuit?

We have a range of wetsuits on offer at an additional cost that we can supply you with. If you do you have your own wetsuit then please bring this along with you.


Our motivational workshops are designed to be interactive and productive. This is an opportunity for you to find out a but more about you and your team. What your strengths are, what you would like to improve and what you are passionate about.


Outdoor Swimming

Our outdoor swimming elements are filled with quality and excitement. The opportunity to try and take part in open water swimming alongside Olympians and your colleagues is something very special . This course will focus on open water safety, wild swimming confidence and develop new open water swimming skills.

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